Thu Day 25's Meals and Exercise

Not a good day yesterday. MRI was a horrible experience, and I'm still getting over it. Okay, deep breath. Here's my accounting:

-couple strips of bacon
-a.m. supplements

MRI at 8:30. Major traumatic event - claustrophobic - anxiety attack - heart palpitations. Total freak-out. If Tween hadn't been with me, I wouldn't have been able to get back to the car. Have you ever had one? It's like being in a white coffin, especially for a fat gal like me. Couldn't move my arms, and not just because my shoulder was being shot, but because I had no room to move! The top of the coffin was only a half inch or so from the tip of my nose. It took over an hour, and I have to unequivocably say ... NEVER AGAIN! Because I had promised my Tween, we stopped by the hospital cafeteria to get an apple, then on the way home, stopped by Whole Foods (health food store) to get some protein drinks and gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. Nothing made it home except for the artichoke and red onion hummus.

-protein drink
-4 gf chocolate chip cookies
-another protein drink

-tortilla chips with cheese, grilled chicken and bacon on them, microwaved
-decaf instant tea

-handful dark chocolate M&Ms
-p.m. supplements

-whole "family" walked around the block
-does a major freak-out count? No? Especially if accompanied by a binge. Well... poop.

Goal Check:
-No sodas? Check
-Eat out/Order in Only Once Per Week: Check
-Gluten-Free? Check
-Supplements? Check

Notes: I can only say that this posting of yesterday's accounts was delayed because I still felt completely freaked out. Couldn't lay on my back last night because it reminded me of the MRI coffin I was in. And I binge on chocolate and whatever else I can grab when I have anxiety attacks. Wonder how many pounds I put on yesterday?

We're going to eat out tonight. I'll stick with the gluten-free but I'm eatin' lots of it! Village Inn, probably!

Will try to do pix of dogs/family this weekend.


Ron said...

Sorry you had such a bad experience with your MRI!

Dutch said...

I had an MRI about 2 1/2 months ago and I freaked out. I started kicking my legs until she let me out. She talked me down and she put a cloth over my eyes and it did help but I also sang in my head Christmas songs until it was over. I have to have another one in about 5 weeks and I am asking my doctor for a sedative to relax me. I sure hope he approves it because it is the longest 30 minutes of my life. My right hand was hurting so bad because it is such a tight fit. I think they need to make those machines for us heavy people. I hope you never have to have one again. Have a great weekend.

Lyn said...

Oh my goodness, that sounds horrible. I would freak out too. I am SO sorry you had to go through that!!

Hang in there, and try to have a GOOD weekend!

Ruby Leigh said...

MRI's can be no fun. I had one a while ago... they played my favorite radio station into the head phones I was wearing, but I could not hear because of all the racket the machine was making.