Picture of New Puppy

Here's a picture of our new 10-week-old puppy, Sparky. This was the first evening we brought him home, on February 16 2009 (3, 4 days ago?). When we took him to the vet on Feb 17, he weighed 21.2 pounds, DOUBLE of what our Chihuahua weighs.

See the difference of the dogs above? Somehow we've got to get them to understand - the big blue is for the big boy dog and the little pink is for the little girl dog! Can't they tell size?!?!
Tonight was the first night that I didn't go on a walk with him, our Chihuahua and the rest of our little family. But I've recuperated from my MRI meltdown.
Sorry for the drama, guys. I'm better now.


Dutch said...

Your new puppy is so cute. My Chihuahua is about 10 lbs. I think. He might be heavier since he has been eating so much human food lately. Take Care.

moonduster said...

Very cute!

Cammy said...

What a cutie! He looks like he's thinking, "Wha' happened? I had the big bed!" :)

the Bag Lady said...

OMG - he's the spittin' image of my Princess dog!!!!! Watch out, if he's anything like her, he's smart as a whip and will be ruling the roost in no time at all!
(and should be easy as pie to housebreak and train!)