Fri Day 26's Meals and Exercise

Much better day Friday than Thursday. Got the results of my MRI - just bursitis and not a torn rotator cuff. Whew. Anyway... here's yesterday:

-handful cashews
-a.m. supplements
-decaf instant tea

-handful cashews (didn't feel like eating)

out to eat to Village Inn
-HUGE chef salad minus black olives minus croutons plus avocado
-hot mint tea

-black raspberry ice cream
-p.m. supplements


Goal Check:
-No sodas? Check
-Eat out/Order in Only Once Per Week: Check (this is the 1)
-Gluten-Free? Check
-Supplements? Check

Notes: First, major sorry for being a drama queen about the MRI. Not acceptable behavior and I'm really sorry. Second, my period is heavier so I'm back and forth to the bathroom all day. Craving a pot roast so put one in the crockpot last night and it cooked all night - very tender and delicious (yes I've had some already this morning)! Just realized that I've been craving beef probably because I needed to take the iron supplement so took one this morning. Feeling a little better.


TJ said...

Anyone who goes through one of those MRI tubes knows that it is not fun. I freaked out even doped up! I took the maximum amount of valium and still had a problem! lol I had to put a mask on so I didnt open my eyes...which helped because I was in there for 45 minutes! I understood your traumatic experience.

:) glad its over for ya!

Cammy said...

Hey, don't apologize for a very human reaction. From what I understand, those MRI things ARE scary!

We don't have Village Inn here, but I'm taking a trip in May to a city that does have one. I can't wait to have a good breakfast! And to go back for a chef salad at lunch. :)