Unbelievable - Doc Appointment

Several of my health problems have been plaguing me so a few weeks ago, I made an update appointment with Dr. G.

First...uh...huh? My weight on their scale was 274. 274! Okay, either I lost a LOT of weight since Monday, or our scale is way off, or their scale is. I'm thinking, Hubby's gonna have to recalibrate our scale tonight. Then I'll weigh again tomorrow morning and post that.

Second, Dr. G was real positive about my starting of this blog, and will be checking so Hi Dr. G! She did happen to (adamantly) mention that my eating of three dark chocolate hershey bars is the equivalent to eating two big meals. So... gonna make sure to not go over one a day. Maybe Hubby will hide them for me, and give me one a day if I ask him for one. That should work, right?

Third, we're gonna work on some of my other health issues, like shoulder pain (need an MRI), still-high blood pressure (increasing my dosage), migraines (changing meds), sinusitis (antibiotics), etc. Maybe once I start feeling better, I'll want to be more active.

Fourth, Dr. G suggested I consider going on Tween's gluten-free diet. Support Tween. Might help me. I've been tested back and forth gluten-intolerant, not, yes, not.... okay, so since I have to buy the special foods for Tween anyway, that's my habit change starting next Monday. (Eeek, just spent $101 at the health food store for us for the month!)

Next... I will start posting portion sizes. While I don't measure anything (even when cooking!), I'll at least guess to sizes. And I'll use smaller plates to keep portions smaller.

Thanks again for all of the support.

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TJ said...

Hey Vee! Glad you went to the Dr. and are getting stuff checked out. I think having some one hide those candy bars is a great idea! lol Or get some hershey kisses to portion out. Portion sizes are very important no matter what weight loss plan you follow. I was shocked at how much I was eating compared to what I was suppose to have when I first joined weight watchers. SHOCKED!lol

Keep on blogging girl!!! :) Oh and I love that you use your dog as your weights!! Too funny!