Day 10's Meal and Exercise

Desparately wanted that free Denny's breakfast on Tuesday but didn't do it. I mean, I can make pancakes here. Have eggs and bacon in the fridge. Driving 15 minutes for something I can fix here, in the comfort of my home, without pants on? Plus, it would have gone against this week's habit change. We're saving our eating-out for Friday. Probably.

Anyway... yesterday...

-handful of cashews around 10 a.m.

-avocado with onion/garlic powder around noon
-handful of corn chips

-leftover chicken and rice
-er, chocolate cake

-dark chocolate hershey bar

Exercise and Notes:
-15/arm dog lifts/curls (chihuahua weighs 10 pounds)
-butt clinches
-walked in place 10 min while watching General Hospital
-Sinus headache came back. In full force. Felt like I didn't get anything done, but I did. And helped Tween research first research report. Gotta work more on that Friday - Thurs is doctor day.

Goal Check:
-no sodas? Check.
-no ordering in or going out? Check.


Deborah said...

Great job on dodging Denny's Tuesday!!

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

I agree w/ Deborah, good job on skippin the free meal. Really, who cares if its free? I wanted to go too, but I knew if I went it would be financially free but physcially would add an inch to my arse.

Hey, are you eating enough food? Your daily journal doesn't say portions. Make sure your getting enough calories & nutrition. Writing down food helps but if you want to take it a step further, write down calories and make sure your over 1200 a day MINIMUM!!! Ok, not that I'm an expert or trying to tell you what to do...ha, I'm going to stop now! :)