My Tween Can Be Wonderful

My Tween can be quite a horrible little hormony thing. Yelling and screaming. Pretending to do schoolwork while reading a novel instead. LOTS of time in the bathroom.

p.s. we school at home because of major behavior issues.

We were discussing the reading assignment (4 more chapters in Little House on the Prairie) when it was noticed that I hadn't eaten breakfast yet - here it is 10 a.m.! The Tween disappeared downstairs and three minutes later walked in with a tiny bowl of cashews. For me.

Ah... so sweet.

Nope, can't stay frustrated with the kid. And I'm sharing.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Vee-

I just found your blog and am really enjoying it. You are doing great! Just cutting out soda is a big step. My brother dropped 40 pounds just from quitting soda. Anyway, I will be sure to check back in.