Day 9's Meal and Exercise

First, a huge THANKS to everyone to popped in to my blog yesterday, and especially for those wonderful messages. Helped tremendously... finally actually told Hubby I created this blog.


-couple bites of chicken
-handful of cashews and brazil nuts

-another quarter of leftover sub sandwich (then threw the rest away)

-whole wheat peanut butter and all-fruit sandwich
-fresh blackberries
-dried peas
-couple bites of cranberry orange goat yogurt (Hubby got rest)

-drank blueberry "green tea" most of the day
-dark chocolate hershey bar, er, actually 3

Exercise and Notes:

-butt clinches
-walked in place 15 min while watching General Hospital
-wrestled with Hubby and Tween
-Got a lot of writing done yesterday, despite another sinus headache and another day of yelling at Tween to do schoolwork. I mean...2 hours to do 2 pages of math problems? Come on!

Goal Check:
-no sodas? Check.
-added to support system? Major check!
-no ordering in or going out? Check.



TJ said...

Hey I loved your goal check list....and added support really does help!!! Im glad that you told your husband that you blog. I know my Boyfriend is my #1 supporter and I need that push once in a while or just a shoulder to lean on.

I saw a post someplace that mentioned Arnolds sandwich thins. I went to their web site but they arent sold by me!! AAHHHH!!! I have tried flatouts but didnt care for the way they taste. I might have to get my New York family to mail me some Arnolds! lol

Have a good day!!

tj :)

VeeGettingHealthy said...

I've seen those Arnold Sandwich Thins in the bread section, and often in the discounted bread section at King Soopers. Even discounted, they are pretty expensive. I never buy bread at full price - has to be whole grain and under a dollar. So... we don't usually have bread (except we keep gluten-free on hand for Tween). We're almost out of the bread I got last week. Guess I'll have to find something else! Experimenting with recipes to make our own flatbread. We'll see. Thanks for stopping by again! Vee