Pictures of My Exercise Dog, Spirit the Chihuahua

Above: Spirit the Chihuahua shortly after we got her on Oct 3 2008. She was already 4 years old when we got her at the humane society. She doesn't hide her food anymore, or run scared at loud noises. She loves her pink towels, and loves to burrow in them. She's pretty close to 10 pounds, making it fairly easy to lift her in a "curl".

Above is Spirit burrowed in her favorite pink towel. She popped her head out just for the pic.

Above is Spirit with TweenChild, to show you the size of both. One a huge bottomless pit, and the other a tiny, very picky princess. This pic was taken late October, before we ripped out the gourd vines (those huge vines to the left).

These are two of my three sources of inspiration.

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TJ said...

aww how cute! :)

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