Day 13's Meals and Exercise

Saturday was horrible. Yes, I by-passed the Jack-In-The-Box but...

-protein bar

-protein drink

-NO jack-in-the-box
-rummaged in the freezer and came up with some leftover frozen cheeseburgers
-handful dark chocolate M&M's from the health food store

-handful raw cashews

-homemade spaghetti sauce
-shell noodles
-small slice homemade bread
-2 small slices cake

-another small slice cake
-NO dark chocolate Hershey's bar

Exercise and Notes:
Chores, errands and more. felt good about passing up the fastfood but couldn't stop myself from making and eating some of a cake. No frosting - does that help? Of course, it's not part of the "diet" yet to give up sweets - just certain drinks and going out reguarly.

Goal Check:
-no sodas? had some of Hubby's real ginger-ale/beer
-no ordering in or going out? Check

Thanks for the wonderful comments about sticking with the program. Even though it's not part of the program yet (giving up sweets), I still feel like a complete failure. It's the depression or guilt or something. I don't know. This is so hard. And knowing that someone might read what I type, is helping me to not cheat. But still, I want to get rid of the CRAVING, and want to not even "cheat". God, I hate that word. As much as I hate the word DIET. Hard Hard Hard Hard Hard Hard.

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Cammy said...

I wish I could tell you cravings just suddenly disappear after a time, but they don't really. What *does* happen is that when you start to accept food as fuel, you feel less like mucking it up with something unhealthy. It will happen; give it time.

Meanwhile, KUDOS for passing by the J-i-B!