Day 14's Meals and Exercise

Sunday wasn't great either.


Brunch (11:00) at home:
-2 pancakes
-2 eggs with cheese

-handful dark chocolate M&Ms

-2 fried bologna sandwiches w/mayo & ketchup
-2 portions mac n cheese
-cake (finished it)

-handful raw cashews
-handful dark chocolate M&Ms

Exercise and Notes:
-lifted dog up 15 times per side, even right side with messed up shoulder
-chores around house, like laundry and cleaning

Goal Check:
-no sodas? had one last bottle of Hubby's real ginger-ale/beer
-no ordering in or going out? Check

Yesterday was a real struggle for me. Heck - the entire weekend! It's hard to eat in when Hubby loves eating out so much, and doesn't really cook. At all. Much. Ok, he tries when I force him to. But knowing that today I'm giving up gluten items seems to signal by brain to eat lots of my favorite foods before I'm not allowed to eat them at all. Again, the depravity thing. It's all mental.

Okay - new day, new habit change, new life. Here we go...

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