Day 6's Meals and Exercise

uh, didn't eat. Got up at 6, let the dog out back, checked on the Tween, took a headache pain reliever, and went back to bed.

whole wheat sandwich with peanut butter and all-fruit

Hubby wanted ribs, so we ordered in. Bad me. Bad. But I only had half a rack, carrots, and the garlic bread. No soda. Made instant milk.

Had a dark chocolate Hershey bar before I went to bed. [sigh] I don't really want to change this habit.

Cleaned the shower (believe me, it was actual exercise!). Did a little work around the yard, cleaning up from our last garden. Also did some more doggy curls.

I don't like ordering out. Besides not being healthy, it's so expensive. We have to start cooking more at home. Have to.

Anyway, we cleaned, tidied, I fought another massive headache (which prevented us from going anywhere). Don't think I even got on the computer.

Another very successful day: no sodas.

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