Day 7's Meals and Exercise

Yesterday was kinda ok.

-chocolate chip pancakes with honey
-2 fried eggs
-1 bite of bacon

-orange juice and apple juice and water while the Denver Merchandise Mart.

-sub sandwich at 3:00 - only ate a fourth of it

-couple bites of chicken
-apple juice

Exercise and Notes:
Went to a show at the Denver Merchandise Mart where we walked around a LOT until my legs and back gave out. Then went to the health food store for rice pasta and goat yogurt for Tween, Sam's for chicken, rice, honey and vinegar, and Wal-Mart for supplements for Hubby, and more. Then, at home, gave the dog a bath, cleaned the kitchen, and put 2 chickens in the crockpot to eat over the next several days. Didn't even get to the computer until after 5 PM.

Another very successful day... no sodas.

Haven't decided what this week's new habit will be. Thinking. Thinking.

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