Day 15's Meals and Exercise

Monday was a pretty good day. I awoke knowing I needed to weigh in, knowing I planned to start gluten-free, and knowing I had work to do. Unfortunately, also had major headache. Anyway...

-handful of cashews
-handful of dark chocolate M&Ms

-8 ounce blueberry lowfat yogurt
-3 slices homemade rice and potato flatbread
-peanut butter and black raspberry all-fruit on flatbread

-1 bowl homemade lentil and bacon "goop"
-1/2 bowl rice
-salad with 1000 island dressing


Exercise and Notes:
-lifted dog up 15 times per side, even right side with messed up shoulder
-walk around block with dog after dinner
-for some reason, by the time we got our problems sorted for the day, and the Tween almost ready for bed, I started craving fresh fruit. Could have been the gardening catalogs I was looking through, but I began to crave fresh homegrown raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, apricots, peaches, etc. etc. etc. This craving was so strong, I almost hopped in the car to go to the health food store. Except they were closed. Geez - weird.

Goal Check:
-no sodas? Check
-no ordering in or going out? Check
-gluten-free? Check

Can I just rant for a moment - not food related? Soon after Hubby got home from work, he and Tween got into it. Again. Every day. Nearly every moment. Hubby has never been a dad before, and we'll be married 2 years this April. He doesn't have the hang of it. You need to pick your battles, and not pick on the kid about everything. Bowl to lips. Licking fingers. Readjusting underwear. Everything. I try hard to stay out of it, but I'm writing this after dinner on Monday, and while Hubby is out walking off his anger at Tween. THIS is my major stress. I need them to get along. I **NEED** that. Desparately.


Deborah said...

Go right ahead and vent. That's what I use this for as well as healthy living. It sometimes really helps to vent.

Am I understand that Tween is not hubbys child? It can really be hard on a relationship when "steps" don't get along. I lived through a horrible step dad and then a wonderful one but I even had issues with the wonderful one during my teen years. Wish I had some advice for ya. I think you are doing the right thing to encourage hubby to pick his battles. All changes will come in time and maybe you could suggest that he should just concentrate on one at a time.

And then again if this is his child, disreguard the last paragraph but not the last sentance.

VeeGettingHealthy said...

Thanks Deborah. No, Tween is NOT Hubby's child. It's been just us two since birth in 1996 - a single mom for 10 out of 12 years. Tween loves having a dad, finally. Hubby's never had children, and didn't have that great of a childhood, so I have to mediate and moderate and get in between every discussion. Argh! Ok, thanks for letting me vent!

the Bag Lady said...

Oh dear. I hope hubby can learn to pick his battles - some things just aren't worth fighting over.
I have a step-daughter (no kids of my own) who did not live with us, but used to come for visits. We got along fairly well for the most part, but she knew how to push my buttons.

And good luck on your weight loss journey! I'll try to stop by occasionally to give you some encouragement (and probably whine about my own lack of progress...!)

Thanks for commenting on my blog today!