Day 16's Meals and Exercise

Tuesday wasn't too bad. Things calmed down around here a little bit.

-forgot to eat

-half a protein shake
-avocado with onion/garlic powder
-handful corn chips
-half can crushed pineapple
-half banana

-handful of dark chocolate hershey kisses
-other half of protein shake

-1 1/2 portion pot roast with mushrooms
-wasn't very hungry.

Exercise and Notes:
-chores and errands
-lifted dog up 15 times per side, even right side with messed up shoulder
-5 minutes on exercycle at lowest setting - could barely do this (knee)

Goal Check:
-no sodas? Check
-no ordering in or going out? Check
-gluten-free? Check

I spent most of yesterday doing accounting for business, writing, working on (business) blogs, etc. Thanks for letting me rant yesterday. Sometimes it gets to be too much.

Attention Doc G: All of a sudden I'm very itchy all over - is that because I'm withdrawing from gluten? Or is it the antibiotic for my sinusitis? Also, incidents of heart palpitation are increasing. Comment section should work for you now ... try again?

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TJ said...

Hope your OK over there Vee. Maybe you should call your Doctor.
Thanks for the comments. Im trying over here! :)

:) tj