Day 15 Weigh In

After that weigh in at the doc's last week, I had the scale checked. It was off. Way off. Hubby had changed it for himself and didn't know I was weighing too. Still don't know how far off it is, but this morning weight was:

278.8 pounds. Rounding to 279 pounds.

I don't know if that number is right either, but I've decided I'll take it. Of course, there's no way that I lost 13 pounds in one week, so I'm counting today as the starting weight. Have to. The alternative is ridiculous.

I need actual accurate pounds. Not a guess subtracting the change Hubby put on the programmable scale. Thinking I'll buy by own scale that no one else touches. Maybe that will help.


Meg said...

I agree, getting your own scale will be a big help. If you do decide to get your own scale, I suggest getting one of the models that can monitor body fat % as well as weight.


TJ said...

I agree to get your own so no one messes with it. Can you go weigh in at the Dr. office again without a co-pay? lol Id go and ask!

:) keep it up Vee!


Cammy said...

Your very own scale would be the perfect VDay treat! :)