Craving Attack

Just read another diet blogger about how he passed by getting a big mac etc yesterday. Started me on a major craving attack! I could eat 3-4-5 big macs a day and still want more.

So I'm thinking I'll buy some ground beef or ground turkey, and make some burgers within the next few days. Create my own special sauce. Onions. Lettuce. Picking up my favorite gluten-free buns from Deby's Gluten-Free Bakery on Saturday - they're having a sale and I really love their buns and chocolate cake. Or make some buns or bread today or tomorrow. I'll think I'll do some homemade baked fries, too.


Hopefully my stomach will feel better then.


Deborah said...

Deep brath. "2 all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun" Breath gone.

That's what came to mind when you mentioned Big Macs. Don't know if they did it where you live or not, but when McD's first came out with the Big Mac in my area, all you had to do was walk in and say that quote above and you got a free one. Cara and I visited different ones at least 5 times that week. I'd love to have one too, but now I just make my own at home a lot healthier. I use light cheese and mayo (in the special sauce, which is a kind of thousand island dressing).

VeeGettingHealthy said...

I remember saying that phrase - still do sometimes. Tween looks at me like I'm crazy.

I've ordered buns from my favorite local gluten-free bakery and we're picking them up on Saturday. Guess what I'm fixing Sunday!?! My mouth is watering - ah man! Argh!