Day 17's Meals and Exercise

I had diarhea all day yesterday, so didn't feel much like eating.

-blueberry yogurt
-caffeine free green tea


-green salad with shredded yesterday's pot roast, avocado and asian dressing
-instant decaf tea with stevia

-handful dark chocolate kisses

-does going to the bathroom 8 times count?
-lifted dog up 15 times per side

Goal Check:
-no sodas? Check
-no ordering in or going out? Check
-gluten-free? Check

I almost begged my Hubby for jack-in-the-box yesterday for dinner. Despite having been sick all day, I wanted junk food. He nearly had his keys in his hands, but I talked him out of it. Guilt. What a powerful thing. We have a lot of frank discussions at night in bed. We talked for about an hour last night about my cravings, and how I think of food every second I'm awake. He doesn't understand, as most people don't, but he's trying, and wants to be more supportive. He will listen when I need to ramble on and on about food and cravings, and help me NOT succumb to getting and eating an entire tiramisu or pizza. And I'm going to encourage him to eat out if he wants to as long as Tween and I don't go, or he'll pick a place where we can eat gluten-free and he can satisfy his appetite. We're going to eat out once a week, hopefully finding gluten-free meals (we can always go to village inn for steak, eggs, bacon, fruit and salad). This Saturday is Valentine's day so we'll eat out then.

Still itchy. Dealing with it.

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