A Major Accomplishment

Hubby got a bonus today. A pretty big bonus. First "outstanding" rating his boss has ever given out.

So... my first thought? Let's go out to eat tonight! Anywhere! Or order in! Yep, first instinct.... spend the money!!!

My second thought? I can't! Boo hoo hoo hoo hoo. I can't eat out or take in. It's not Valentine's Day yet and we discussed eating out only once a week. Instead of eating out, the money is going straight into savings (we're saving for a little homestead).

Our dinner compromise:
  • Tween ate 3 eggs, bacon, pb&cream cheese sandwich, carrots, handful of cashews, a can of fruit cocktail, 3 gluten-free chocolate chip cookies and drank milk.
  • I ate 2 eggs, a little bacon, 2 gluten-free chocolate chip cookies and drank milk.
  • Hubby ordered a medium pizza hut supreme minus pepperoni and wings. He'll take the wings and half of the pizza to work tomorrow. He also got 3 gluten-free chocolate chip cookies.

I'm pretty proud of me.

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