Day 4's Meals and Exercise

Here's my accounting of yesterday:

-a balance gold nutrition energy bar

-cheesy garlic bread

[sigh] Hubby wanted Subway because he didn't want to cook and neither did I:
-6" meatball sub (I usually get a footlong!)
-NO cookies (again, usually get these but not this time)

-Drank some more herbal tea

-I did butt clinches and walked in place during a TV show.

Sent rest of birthday cake with Hubby so I didn't snack. I did a lot of writing and research and helped TC finish his schoolwork until a migraine and my carpal tunnel became unbearable. Took 3 pills and went to bed, lights out, fighting nausea.

One habit change a week.... So, with my drinking goal, I had a successful day. Even though I really wanted a soda from Subway. And a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie. Or three.

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