Day 3's Meals and Exercise

Here's my accounting of yesterday:

-a balance gold nutrition energy bar

-Naked "Protein Juice Smoothie" (was running errands, and needed sustenance)
-4 Chicken nuggets from McD

(Took Hubby and TC to the Outback for Hubby's birthday)
-bluecheese and pecan salad
-1/2 portion of ribs
-sweet potato
-water with lemon (yeah! did not succumb to my one goal of no sodas!)
-chocolate thunder (1 bite of the brownie but all of the ice cream) -
-3 bites of birthday cake (red velvet w/cream cheese frosting)

-Made some herbal tea & drank most.

-TC and I needed to get Hubby's present and run errands so I walked a lot. Does that count?

Hubby woke up late, so we hurried him out the door - only 8 minutes late, which, if you knew Hubby, is magnificant. TC woke up and climbed into bed with me for a few minutes, then went to do a little schoolwork while I went back to sleep. At 7:00 woke me up again to ask if a little organic cow's milk with cereal was ok. Hubby called at 8:00 to tell TC thanks for birthday card in his lunchbox. By this time, I had a major migraine. Still, I had stuff to do. I drank the bottled smoothie on the way to Wal-Mart to withstand temptation. I only got the treats I planned to get for part of Hubby's gift and 2 cans of broth so it worked. Came home, called the police because someone had parked blocking my driveway, helped TC with schoolwork, baked Hubby's red velvet cake, did the dishes, showered, took some med and left with family for restaurant - with wet hair because I was running late. As usual. I did try to not eat junk at Outback, but couldn't resist the brownie because it was GF for TC, and he wanted us to experience it too. I did only have a teeny bit of the brownie so TC could have mine today, but did have the ice cream.

One habit change a week.... So, this week's goal to change what I drink did excellently yesterday. I'd say this was a successful day.

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