Day 2's Meals and Exercise

Here's what I ate yesterday:

-peanut butter and strawberry all-fruit on whole grain bread
-sweet potato with smart balance
-milk (a huge weakness)

-fat free tuna salad kit (bumblebee brand - came with crackers - I added onion powder)
-water and more blueberry breeze tea

-2 pieces of Hubby's takeout chicken/garlic/tomato pizza

-1 dark chocolate Hershey's bar (a big weakness)

-uh, none really. So cold I could barely move. Woke up to -3 degrees F. Kept house cold (thermostat set at 60 degrees because last utility bill was double what we have budgeted).
-actually, did two loads of laundry, which means 3 sets of stairs, 4 times. That counts! Uh, right?
-ooh! And I swept snow off the back porch. That should count too!

Gotta stop ordering out. First the money, but second, it's not extremely healthy. But, my goal for this week was to cut out sodas, so... so far so good.

Tonight's gonna be hard. It's Hubby's birthday, and he wants to go to the Outback Steakhouse for his birthday dinner. They have a delicious pecan and bluecheese salad and grilled shrimp on toast. Think I'll get those. Still have to make his red velvet cake, but I'll have only a small piece and send the rest with him to the office tomorrow.


Lori said...

Have you checked outback's website for nutritional info?

This can help you out with making smart choices there.

VeeGettingHealthy said...

Yes, and they have gluten-free items too, which will help since my TC can eat there too. Thanks.