Tai Chi for the first time

I had always heard about Tai Chi, but never tried it. Never crossed my mind.

However, last week, I discovered my right leg is about two inches shorter than my left. Background: Because of my morbid obesity, something had to give. My legs volunteered.

Over the past several years, I have suffered from Bakers' cysts, meniscus tears, knee muscles/bones/cartilages crumbling and fraying. Disintegrating. I keep falling because my knees give out on me.

Started consulting with an orthopedic surgeon a couple of years ago. We have tried steroid shots, SynVisc shots, and this past June 26 (2014), I had a scope surgery done on my right knee. The doc told me it wasn't much of a help, telling me that I require a total knee replacement, and soon.

It is scheduled for November.

Meanwhile, I am working to lose weight.

As you may remember I went from 299 lbs in 2008 to 201 lbs in October 31 2010. Super-struggle, counting carbs and calories, but I did it. Then a certain family trip set me back, and the weight just molded back on my body. However, this time, my highest was 266 pounds.

As of yesterday, at the doctor's office, I was 255 pounds, fully-clothed with boots.

Back to Tai Chi. I started that last week, plus a few other exercises, to get my right leg back to the same length as my left. AND to lessen the volume of my body so that I can be healthy enough to recover from my knee surgery.

I would appreciate encouragement!

p.s. Writing is back on track! I am even writing a book on my "dieting" experience. www.vikki-lawrence-williams.blogspot.com


Lyn said...

Haven't "seen" you in awhile! Wow, you have had a lot going on. Congrats on the book(s) and also on NOT regaining all of the weight. You can do it again... I am on the same track. Relosing is hard but maybe it is a good lesson for us to work harder on a maintenance plan and better coping skills for those difficult times when we turn to food.

Dawnee said...

I hope you have continued your Tai Chi! I started my journey at 285 pounds and due to health issues I had the gastric sleeve done in May. I am now 224 and living for the first time in more than 10 years and it's wonderful. Best of luck to you on your journey!