DAY29: SAT: Warming Up

Boy what a week! So glad the weekend is here, not that it will be any less busy.

Thursday, my Kid was home from school because of inservice. Had him doing his schoolwork for homeschooling but his brain was a little fuzzy. After he finished his U.S.History, he ate lunch and laid down for a nap. I tried to do the same but robo call after robo call, and almost didn't answer one around 2 p.m.  THAT one was the post office, wondering why I hadn't picked up my chicks yet! Apparently they had left a message at 6 a.m. (why didn't I hear the phone ring ... I was up!?!) that the chicks I had ordered had come in and I needed to pick them up.  I hung up the phone woke up the Kid, and we raced out of the house.

I had ordered 15 black australorp chickens (got 17), 10 red star chickens (got 12 but one died) and got a free unknown chick. They are safely settled in two boxes in my kitchen, with 2 feeders, 2 waterers, and 1 red-bulb heat lamp. Today we're cleaning out the brooder coop in the garage, preparing it for the chicks, and will move them in there tomorrow morning once we're done with morning chores. Gotta get them out of my kitchen: feather dust does NOT go well with cheese!

BTW, made more cheese today. See, I have a potential cheese share owner coming over on Sunday, and I need samples of some of my flavored cheeses for them to try. So far I have made:
-plain, unsalted
-garlic herb
-southwest sweet and smoky (chipotle)
-pineapple walnut
-pumpkin spice (made today and tastes like pumpkin cheesecake!)

Tomorrow I'll make chocolate raspberry, which is absolutely heavenly. It's our favorite cheese. I like making cheese, and coming up with different flavors. Too bad we're drying up our goats starting in January, which means no more fresh cheese until June or so. Good thing I'm freezing some of every kind.

Friday nights we get pizza, and last night was no exception. The Kid got his usual GF pepperoni and ate the whole thing, Hubby got medium Supreme and ate half, and I got a medium ground beef, onion, mushroom and ate only 2 pieces. I was amazed that I didn't eat more.

As part of his Home Ec assignment, today he's making gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, some regular Halloween "whoopie pie cookies" from a box, and will make our Sunday morning oatmeal tonight (crockpot). Tomorrow we might make some (non-gf) chocolate cupcakes and decorate them for Halloween. He's making goodie plates to take to his teachers, we'll eat a few, and Hubby will take the rest with him to work. Might take a few to Hubby's mom when I drop off the Kid Wednesday for trick-or-treating.

So glad we are warming up. Yesterday didn't get above 30 degrees F. Today it might get into the 50's, and the sun is shining. Whew.

That's it for now. Have lots of chores and cleaning to do today. Gotta get this house ready for potential customer inspection on Sunday (the kitchen is fine, it's the front room and den that need help!). Plus a new friend is coming over on Sunday to show me how to "can" apples into applesauce! Woohoo!

Have a good weekend.


Lyn said...

Your cheeses sound fantastic! Wish I could sample a few :)

Vee said...

Thank you so much, Lyn. If I can ever find a way to ship, I just might be able to get some out of this area.