I never seem to have time to make scrambled eggs for my kid when he asks ... I'm always doing something else.

Solution: quiche.

He doesn't like much with his eggs, so here's what I did:  greased pyrex pan with bacon grease, covered with a layer of shredded rice cheese, scrambled 8 or so eggs and poured in, then covered with a light layer of more shredded rice cheese.  Baked until done.

Jackpot! He asked for 2 portions last night! Hubby tried it too, and liked it. The rest is in the fridge.

We get about 12-15 eggs a day from my girls (chickens) but as it continues to warm up, we'll get 35-40 a day. No problem. More quiches! I'll make a lasagna pan of quiche for hubby tonight (eggs, rice cheese, sausage, peppers, onions, mushrooms) and maybe tomorrow do another for the kid, but this time use the lasagna pan.

Guess I'll get around to doing one for me too: eggs, bacon, regular mozz cheese, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers.



Karla said...

We are mega egg eaters, I just bought 4-18 packs

Vee and the Kid said...

Wow! You are! Hope you are located where you can someday have some chickens... at least a couple would help defray your egg bill. And trust me ... once you have a home-laid egg with it's firm white and orange yolk, you might never go back to store-bought!