My kid started school this week. Trying to integrate him just by going to one class a day (math alternating with evaluations for IEP prep). The class is about 90 minutes so by the time I drive home, I'd have about 20 minutes before I head back, so basically, I do errands in the town.

NOT good for my knee. All that walking has made my knee problem worse.  Not to mention the money I'm spending, although everything I'm getting are things I'd buy anyway, just on a more concentrated one-day trip into town.

There's a Starbucks nearby, but that place intimidates me. Tried going there yesterday but everyone had that ordering thing down. Plus I really don't need the calories and their menu didn't look like there's just plain decaf coffee.

Did find the local library and it's only about 5 minutes away so I'm thinking that starting next week, I'll take my computer and do some work. Won't be much walking, and since I'll just take a homemade protein drink or a bottle of ice water, it won't be too caloric!

Definitely needed an alternative. I don't feel like I'm making too much progress.

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