I got a bit of a late start yesterday. Didn't get out to tend the livestock until about 10:30. Luckily I'd drunk a protein shake before I went out because I found goat babies!

Started to let a new mama hen and her 3 baby chicks out while I tended the goats. But I heard baby bleats. Rushed into the goat pen and found CC the doe goat in the 6x10, licking one of her babies dry. I won't get into the gross details but I found two live girls, and 2 stillborn/dead (didn't check sex).

We're very sad about the dead kids, but are so proud of the 2 that lived. Very cute. I'll post pix soon. They are suckling quite well, and are already this morning showing progress. We had to chain our buck away from them because mama goats go into heat immediately after and we really don't want her to get pregnant again. Not right away.

So anyhoo, after I stopped freaking, calmed down, cleaned things up (with the help of my wonderful Kid), I came back inside, covered in goo. Cleaned ME up. Went back out to tend the rest of the livestock, and by the time I was ready, Hubby had come home early. I grabbed a protein bar and the Kid and headed into town.

See? My whole day was thrown off!

Dinner was a bowl of amaranth cereal with milk and frozen berries (I froze on Wednesday so they wouldn't go bad AND because I love frozen fruit in cereal).

All the stress and excitement of yesterday just exacerbated my headache into another full-blown migraine. Did managed to sleep for a few hours but awoke with another headache. Checked on livestock then sent Hubby off with 4 chickens to be "processed".

Then I had breakfast: more cereal (this time Rice Chex) with milk and frozen berries. And 2 Aleve.

So, now it's time for me to go back outside, feed and water everyone, and get things ready for our other doe to kid.

So ... anybody want a goat baby?

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