I'm so incredibly busy here but I'll try to recap what I ate this weekend:

B: protein drink
S: cereal, raspberries & blueberries, milk
L: peanut butter and cream cheese on gf bagel
D: more cereal, broccoli, carrots

B: protein bar
S: raspberries
L: 2 eggs w/cheese and bacon, strawberries
D: taco meat, sour cream, corn chips, watermelon

B: protein bar
S: gf chocolate cake

and in a few minutes, I'm gonna have lunch ...

L: cherries, no clue what else because nothing really sounds good

No gluten since Thursday? Friday?  Losing track.

We're incredibly busy ... two goat babies born on Friday. Both girls.  Weekend filled with fun and frolic, then 2 goats trying to kill each other by butting heads so ... we're building a buck goat pen this evening. Quick as possible. But .. this morning, I walk out to the goat pen and found ANOTHER 2 new baby goats! One girl, one boy.

Check out my other site for pix! http://vikkisverandah.blogspot.com/2011/06/busy-busy-with-more-goat-babies.html

We have 91 degrees expected today. ARGH!

Enjoy your day!

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