I weighed.  264.6. Ug. Not good. I've re-gained almost every pound I'd lost last year. And I'm having anxiety attacks at night, and troubles breathing. I'm sure that I'm not sleeping because I have to keep an ear out for my Kid having a seizure but somehow I have to figure out how to deal with this new development. Plus, since I had to ask a neighbor to help me move him after the last seizure due to my unhealthy bod (and because he's convulsed off his bed and wedged between it and the wall), I really need to change. I need to be able to move all 120 pounds of him by myself.

So, I started back to my "getting healthy" plan today.

Breakfast: protein shake, vitamins and water

Lunch: steak and cherries

Not sure if I'm gonna work my way back to low-carb or not. Certainly seemed to work last time. But I have to get out of the "I love sweets" thinking again.

I've been going through boxes and such, getting rid of things and finding treasures. Found the Wii-knockoff so we're starting to do that too. AND I'm gonna get back to the exercycle.

Comments are re-open (with moderation) plus you can e-mail or visit my other blog if you wanna! (Vikki's Verandah).  I'm planning to start reading your blogs again, but can't promise that I'll always have time to comment. My life is pretty daggone hectic these days, what with therapies, doctor appointments, puppy training (coming soon), and researching seizures and all of these other things. Be patient with me. Thanks.


birchgirl said...

Vee , I am glad to see you post, and am rooting for your success. Cathy

Jovia said...

so good to see you back and happy your comments are back on, i would have left you lots of positive if i could've. im sorry to hear about your son, it must be incredibly difficult on you. i hope you can get one of those dogs to help.
while gaining back the weight sucks, im absolutely sure you have what it takes to lose it again. you go girl :)

Beth B said...

good luck Vee. I found your blog a while back via JackF*t.

On a separate topic, I've been following for a while and I think you may like it too.

Tami said...

Many of us are getting back on plan!

I'm Tami and I have a healthy living blog. I have been a long time WW member and recently gained back a few pounds.

I decided to get a group of bloggers and others together and host a Small Change Challenge to kick off Summer in a healthy way!

Stop by and read about it and see if it is something you would like to join. The more people who join the more positive energy we will create!