Very busy today but needed to pop into town (ok, 45 min drive each way) to pick up a new rx for sleep so while I was there, Wal-Mart called.

-whole roasted hot chicken from the deli
-fingerling potatoes

Also picked up some pre-packaged coleslaw but I think I'll save that for tomorrow. And got some wrapping paper (our 4 year wedding anniversary is next week).

I think I did good for dinner. Hit all the food groups. Once home, I put the chicken in one half of the double crockpot, on warm, to keep it warm. (I know, duh). In the other side, I drizzled olive oil and put the sliced mushrooms plus a sliced onion in. Then put a piece of alum foil on top, drizzled a little olive on that, a few dashes of garlic powder, then the fingerling potatoes. Turned that side on high.

Should be ready by 6:00.

Sounds delicious! Hope it is!

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