Hubby strained something in the hernia/groin area so he can't do anything more strenuous than walking for another 3-5 weeks. That means **I** have to finish building the brooder coops and grow-out coops. And lots more.

Got a little bit of sleep last night. Ate LOTS of dried tart cherries last night AND took a sleeping pill AND took a benadryl so I slept from 1 to 6 a.m. That's actually pretty good for me. Need lots more tho.

Ate a few raw almonds this morning before taking care of the livestock. Collected 2 eggs from my girls, came in and cooked them up with mozzarella cheese for my breakfast. Drank down some decaf coffee with only a bit of vanilla to lighten it up. Yum!

Still have the same stiff neck I've had for over a week, and the pain has spread down my right arm and up to my head. Can't let that stop me.

Will try to get on exercycle today. So much to do with setting up my Kid's therapies, getting things ready for garage sale, 25 baby chicks we have and another 35 we're expecting this week, cooking, cleaning, Kid's schoolwork... argh!

Calgon! Take me away!

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