After months of barely sleeping at all, I finally slept about 5 hours last night. Woohoo!

This morning I ate a bowl of raisin bran (ok, two bowls) with reconstituted powdered milk. Still need to make some coffee.

Not moving very fast today. We had another blizzard and even tho I've been out to water and feed livestock, I still need to go back out and shovel. Our new goat refuses to come out into that cold wet stuff, and I need to be able to drive tomorrow! I have baby chicks coming!

Lunch .. I'm thinking leftover taco meat with cheese. And decaf coffee.

Dinner .. eggs. Definitely. With this horrible weather and lots of snow, people aren't coming out to pick up their eggs so we have almost a fridge full! Anybody need any eggs?!?!?!


Ali said...

If you fancy shipping those eggs across the Atlantic, I'm always in need of more eggs! Heehee

I hope your sleeping patterns improve, I know how it sucks to be stuck without sleep.

Vee and the Kid said...

Ali: I'm not really sure they'll survive the trip! But seriously, I have eggs practically coming out of my ears. If I don't get any customers from Craigslist today, I'll be giving some to my neighbor who gave me a lot of pork last week from her butchered pig. It's delish!