Berries, especially raspberries and blueberries, are a great source of fiber and anxioxidance PLUS lots of great vitamins and minerals. Most are also low-carb, so they fit well into a low-carb diet.

You should have some kind of berry every day.

My KID doesn't care much for frozen or fresh berries, but will eat daily dried blueberries and dried blackberries. Now, if I can just get the KId to eat some dried raspberries too! Personally, I'm on a frozen-berry kick, and eat them every chance I can.

What is YOUR favorite berry?


Personal Update: My kid had an EKG yesterday and turned out fine. We think the heart palpitations were caused by decongestants in the cough medicine. BUT realized he's got really low blood pressure. Looked at his past readings, and his typical reading is 118/56. That's low. Nothing much to do but watch it. Maybe give him a bit of salt from time to time.

I had my first therapy appointment yesterday, and I'm hoping a couple of things she told me will help the next time the family gets into a massive argument. Kid threatened suicide again yesterday so now that his heart has been given the ok, I'll be contacting the doc today about upping meds.

Got to sleep last night around 11:15 and now up at 2:49. I really hate insomnia and hypopnia ... I desparately need some sleep! Have lots of phone calls to make, a cord of firewood being delivered, and hours of work in front of me. Would have liked a good night of sleep. Sooo tired.


Anonymous said...

hmmm... berries. i think i'll pick some up today. btw, hope you got back to sleep after you posted this thing.

Cammy said...

Strawberries! I'm going to try to grow my own this year, since I've heard they're going to be expensive due to the Florida freezes. *sympathies to farmers*

Scuttleboose said...

I like to get berries when they are in peak season (and generally cheapest!) and freeze them for the long winter ahead! Hope you got some more sleep :)

Karen said...

I love berries when they are in season and ripe. I sit and eat them like candy:)