Where am I?

Support Group Time: What was the first thought in your head this morning?

Mine was: where am I?


I awoke, really confused.

Eyes closed, I puzzled.

No electric cooler running near a guest bathroom.

No sound of my Kid or Hubby snoring.

No ice machine dispensing to another hotel guest.

No traffic to speak of.

Then one of my roosters let out a little test crow, then went back to sleep. The wind buffeted the house as it whistled on by.

Ah, home. A grin slowly spread from the corner of my mouth, to my entire face, and my body joined in. HOME!

Away from neurotic family peoples. Away from pressure to remain the insecure quiet child. Away from crying jags. And back with my animals (ah, there's the itch in my throat, yep, I'm with my animals; need an allergy pill!). Back with my stuff, my soft quilt-covered bed, my crockpot, my home.

I opened one eye. Dark. Barely the red light across the room showing 1:46 a.m. That early? Yeah, that's about right. My hypopnia (can't stay asleep) has kicked in, despite the heavy duty sleeping pill I took only 3 hours ago. That's ok.


Popped another allergy pill and started typing this posting. Waiting for that little pink pill to kick in so I can go back to sleep. I'll get up later and start unpacking. Lots of laundry. Dishes. Cleaning. Muck out the goat and chicken pens. Two goats to go bring back home. Gotta pay the people who took care of home, animals and plants. Lots of hugs to dole out. Lots of thinking and writing to do.

But I'm home.

So much joy.


Twix said...

first thought in my head this morning...
Do I have to?! Yawn...it was 4:30 a.m.
second thought....
Yes! And I'm so grateful I do because it means they have jobs when so many do not. We are fortunate. Be grateful. :)
third thought....
It's going to be oh so cold starting the car this morning. :)

It's good to be home! Glad you are! (((hugs)))

Karla said...

OMG!!! do I have to do a speech in class tonight!!!???

I got out of bed at 3AM just in case, so I could type it... yadda yadda yadda

nope, not due, so did laundry, boiled eggs cleaned kitchen

I am going to be tired tonight!!

just a fat girl running said...

First thought this a.m., "Did he(dh) seriously just get up, hear the baby crying, and then get back in bed while she still cries?!? Guess I'm gettin' up now:)"
In his defense he works hard 12 hour days so he could probably use the sleep, but seriously how do men just let babies cry like that?

Vee and the Kid said...

Loving to hear your thoughts!

Just weighed. Was 203.0 before I left and this morning, I'm 210.6. 7.6 lb gain. Bummer. But I'm 100% back on plan and gonna work hard all day (weeks, months) to reach my goals.

Geez, my Kid is up, after I specifically told him to sleep in! A teen? Not wanting to sleep in? He must be sick!


South Beach Steve said...

First thought - I sure wish I could sleep in today. :-)