Getting Back on Track

Support Group Time: When you slip off your getting-healthy plan, do you ever have trouble getting back on track? If so, what do you do?

I'm having such a hard time getting back on track after my slip up last week. I could give all kinds of excuses: nothing tastes good, healthy food is boring, I'm sick (which I am), there's nothing healthy in the house, and so on, but the truth is, they are all excuses.

My goal was (nope, IS) to get to 185 pounds by December 31 2010, which is only 7 weeks away (49 days). I put 7 pounds back on so back at 210.6 pounds means I have to lose 25 pounds in 49 days, or about 1 pound every 2 days.

And yet, I found myself wandering my freezing cold house last night, looking for something to snack on. Like a big ole burger. Or nachos. Or cake. Was it because winter's here? We had snow yesterday... about 4-6 inches in just a couple of hours. Was it because I had to turn on the heat when the day before, we were roasting in long pants and short sleeves? Was it because I'm not done working out the horror that was my 10 days of "vacation"?

Probably all of those, and more.

But the point is that I'm having a hard time just DOING what I did effortlessly just two weeks ago.

So.... what do YOU do to get back on plan?


Twix said...



Scuttleboose said...

argh! how annoying, and what a difficult situation. If you find the answer, PLEASE share it with the rest of us :)

TJ said...

I think just try to stay focused on the end result. I know it's not easy, but you can do it. I'm not big on setting dates for things to happen- just know what I want to accomplish in the end. Stay strong Vee!

Michele said...

I mean this is a good way: but you might rethink your goals for December 31. Here is why: for me (I actually posted some about this today), I had unrealistic goals fro weight loss that included losing 10 pounds in a month and things like that. But, now that I am really moving forward in regaining health, I know that my body loses weight very slowly. I am losing 1 pound about a week. By December 31, I could realistically lose, 6 pounds, not more. SO, think about it. Maybe you need to reset your goals and then your motivation will kick it. Don’t give up, you can do this.

Karen said...

I had a horrible week and also struggle to get back on track. I tried something new this time - I am starting to write down what I eat again. I hope it will be a rude awakening that will jolt me back on track.