Temptation - edited

Was looking for "diet" clipart at fotosearch.com... no idea what to write for today. I saw this pic and knew it was IT.

See, I've been craving a huge sub sandwich with ham, turkey, tomato slices, a thick layer of mayo, onions, lettuce, lots of cheese and a little spicy brown mustard. And Krispy Kreme doughnuts. And Fuddruckers cheeseburgers. And even no-salt fries.


But with my weigh-in yesterday and my problem finding something to wear to this family thing, I resist. I try to close the door on those thoughts when I have them, and get busy with something else.

Or drink a big glass of ice-water or tea.

Or go watch my chickens and goats.

Or unpack another box.

Or weed the garden.

You get the idea.

What do YOU do when you feel tempted and you want to successfully navigate through it without eating?

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Edited at 7:55 a.m.:

I wanted to add this little bit, even tho this already posted. I've been thinking about it and can't keep silent any longer. I followed some links yesterday to another dieter's blog. He lives in NY and is very vocal and argumentative and, well, mean to some other bloggers. I wonder how he got so many followers being so "honest" while blasting people who don't think as he does. He says that there's no excuse for not losing weight because if you eat less and move more, the math is there. We must be lying about what we're really eating or exercising. He also said that there should NEVER be a planned binge or planned cheat because that defeats the purpose of dieting. Among other things.

Honestly? Really?

I have to say that I'm working to change my life, not just diet. I want to be healthy in such a way that I can sustain it for the rest of my life. That means from time to time, I want a frigging cheeseburger! I want to know I can have peanut butter and chocolate chips and it's NOT a cheat! It's part of my new life. It sure as hell is better than eating a bag of reese's peanut butter cups or a 10-pack of Snickers bars (which I used to do), and THAT's my goal!

And about the numbers ... come on! Is he a medical professional? Is he inside of our bodies? I found research just last night that says if we don't drink enough water, the liver (which processes fat) will have to compensate for the kidneys, so the liver has to ignore it's primary job. So .. maybe there are days when we don't drink enough water and that's why we don't lose another pound. Or maybe we have underlying tyroid problems. Or maybe it's water retention because it's our time of the month. Or maybe we didn't eat enough fiber and we're backed up so that poo is adding more weight.

I don't plan to get into a blog war with this person. Probably doesn't know I'm alive, which is fine with me. I also made the conscious decision to not read blogs that tout this guy's wonderful command of speech and reality, or who have private membership blogs to get away from him. I'll continue to work on my health in MY way, and people agree with me, fine. If they don't, fine.

If I lose readers, or never add another one, well, I'm doing this getting healthy thing for ME. If I help someone else along the way, great. If not, then I've gotten healthy the best way I know how, and that's good enough for me.

Sorry. Had to vent.


Scuttleboose said...

crochet, crochet, crochet. It keeps my hands busy, and if I eat something it gets on the yarn.

Vee said...

I crochet too! Well, I used to until my carpal tunnel got in the way. Good idea tho. Vee

Zeusmeatball said...

"What do YOU do when you feel tempted and you want to successfully navigate through it without eating?"

Find something to do that will take an hour or more! the gym is usually my get away from it thing, that or take a quick ride around the lake that I live on ;)

As Ever

Twix said...

Well said vent. I agree! Perhaps somewhere deep down he's hurting. That's what his words and actions have told me so far. So I'm praying for him. :D

I like to walk in the woods. And I've also found it good to go just chat with the neighbor on the porch. Takes the food thoughts outa the brain and distracts me long enough. Other times I think we should look at what we want to eat, see if it can be modified, or substitued, and then plan to eat it. Hey atleast it wasn't on top of the calories you had already planned for the day, as in additional. No, it was tucked away inside the days plan. Atleast that was what I did with the pizza. I really had to search out a low calorie version and make it lower yet. Anyways I can understand what you're getting at. We can has a cheeseburger too! ;-) Just not 4 of them. Hey have a great Friday!

Deb Willbefree said...

Hahaha. I know the blogger of which you speak.

It's funny, I came over here to thank you for the comment on my post--a specific part of that comment was particularly helpful. And it was that specific part that ties in with your rant about the "unkown blogger."

First,Thank you for mentioning the gluten weight gain and binge trigger! I don't have many readers who know about that. Sometimes I wonder if I'm deluding myself. .

Re: the skin disorder. I'm assuming you're referring to dermatitis herpetiformis. That hideious shingles-like event that is much too obnoxious to call a mere rash. Yep, me too. I was tortured with it for years (seven before the gluten connection was discovered. That discovery was made just this spring. !

When I cut out gluten, my world changed. It's just that I keep trying to tell myself that it's not true! sigh. I really like gluten.

But everytime I venture into that yummy stuff, I really do gain 6 pounds--and feel physically like I'm coming down with the flu--and in a week or two, the rash is back--and the cravins are back, too. Big. Every time.

And how does that tie in w/ the unkown blogger? Well, when I read his rant about the numbers, blah, blah, blah, I immediately thought of my gluten-induced weight gain. Really. The morning after my gluten binge, I had gained 4 pounds. Two more by the next morning.

Let me assure you, I did NOT eat 20,000 extra calories between 10pm Sunday and 10pm Monday. Five of those pounds are still there today. Despite a water pill. (water pills don't actually help the gluten weight.)

Anyway. Sorry about the long comment. I was just so excited to hear from someone who knows. :)

Best wishes for your own journey down the Highway to Thin!


Call Me Ishmael said...

Vee -- great blog. I hate it when I start to really crave some particular food, or just get the awful itch to eat, eat, eat. Ironically, i've found that doing exercise -- any kind - helps refocus me. Be it a simple 10-minute walk or a bike ride or a full-on slog at the gym, it seems to help mentally and physically.

As for the other part of your blog, I am with you 100 percent. Nobody knows what another person's struggles are, their goals are, what their demons are...least of all what their personal physical reality it. I've had lots of bumps and knocks as I try to lose weight and like you have come to realize that it's not just about what you eat. It's about how you choose to live!

Michele said...

HI, Vee,
I know exactly what you mean about wanting all that stuff. But, just so you know, it has become easier for me (I am almost 4 months in) at least. That is part of the blogging, too, keeps me honest.

I, too, blog for myself. It has been amazing therapy. Like I said above, keeps me honest. "nuff said. have a graet weekend! Michele

Julie said...

I think I know which blog you were talking about and though I read and really was interested in some of what he said I believe we are responsible for ourselves. No matter what we do. My life style change is that mine and I'm doing the best I can for me. I so love reading what others are thinking, feeling and doing and I don't have to agree with them. I figure if a blog upsets me then it's not one that was meant for me. Just like you did with this particular one.
I've been reading a bit of your blog and find you very interesting and you have lots that I can learn from.
I'm going to follow you and see just where this journey can take us. Take care and have a blessed evening.