Silly Move: The Butt Bump

Sundays are now gonna be devoted to silly movements that can get you moving in a fun way! Now... I realize I'm dating myself here, but the "Bump" was a big dance move when I was young. Er hum. So... today's silly move is the Butt Bump.

Stand up. Right where you are. Ok, those of you at work are excused but it IS Sunday!

Are you standing?


Now thrust your butt to the right. Go on. Give it a good umph!

Make the sound too. UMPH!

Now to the left. Another good umph!

Back to the right.

Back to the left.

Now put it to some music and boogie down! Do the Butt Bump to the air or your imaginary work-out partner. Or hey! Grab a partner!

Good job!


Just Me said...

LOL, I remember doing this in dance class in high school. Good one, bump around to the music...why not?

Twix said...

Hee!! I'm scared I'll launch my partner into outerspace...hmmm that might be a good thing. LOL!!! Thanks for sharing, that was fun! :D

Christina said...

HEHE..that made me laugh!! Thanks for that!!

Vee said...

Great! I'm glad you all enjoyed my Sunday's Silly Move!

If you have suggestions for other Sundays, e-mail me! Vikki_kids@ yahoo dot Com ... Vee

kristi said...

I need to do this! My hips = my problem areas!