My Update

Bad week. Good week. Bad parts. Good parts.

Here's my update for the Hot 100 Challenge:


Weight: as of Tuesday weighed 204.4 but then the scale's battery quit working.

Exercise: 30 minutes of exercycling, 55 min exercising, and a LOT of farm/house chores.

Writing: No time at all.


Seriously, no time to write (does doing our Rudolph's kids letters count?) or much time to exercycle. Between emergencies, arguments, farm chores, a wind storm that knocked over a chicken coop and broke part of a fence, skittish goats, laundry, stressing about the upcoming family reunion, cooking and baking, cleaning, figuring out how to pay next month's bills, doing our Christmas Rudolph's Kids letters, and so forth... literally, no time. I barely slept at night, averaging 2-3 hours a night, and certainly no time for naps during the day.

Eating: I didn't eat enough. Instead of pigging out on chocolate and peanut butter, like I wanted to, I just didn't eat. Couldn't make myself, except a little bit here and there, like a raspberry and protein powder smoothie. Or a yogurt for dinner.


I have an opportunity to go to a health and fitness blogger conference in Boulder next year, and thought I'd ask your input. What topic would you be interested in attending a session on, that has to do with health, fitness, and weight loss as it relates to writing and blogging? Like ... what do you go to a diet-blog to read about? What they eat? Recipes? How they exercise? Dealing with cravings and binges? Life with kids, husbands, animals, schoolwork, etc.?


Tomorrow we drop off the goat at the breeders again, hoping the week-long date will results in goat-babies in 5 months! Then the Kid and I will head on into town. Vitamin Cottage (yogurt, rice protein, gluten-free bread and supplements). Bank. Library. On the way back home, we'll stop to pick up a small bale of hay, and some firewood.


Starting tomorrow (Friday), I'm doing a daily SUPPORT GROUP TIME: Come here every day to let us all know how you're feeling and doing that day. Looking forward to it! (Thanks Scuttleboose!)


Scuttleboose said...

I'm sorry that everything is so stressful right now, and I'm sending some chamomile-filled hugs your way!
We also had the crazy wind storm - but I was so engrossed in Facebook that I didn't notice until the tornado sirens started to go off!

I would be really interested in hearing more about weight loss blogging as a support group.

Vee/Vikki and the Kid said...

Scuttle: It's getting better, and by the time Nov 9 or 10 gets here, I'll be back to my cheerful inspirational self!

What's your facebook handle?

Weight loss blogging as a support group is a GREAT idea! Thanks. Vee

Twix said...

I read other weight loss bloggers out of relate-abilty. It helps being able to relate to others. I also blog because I'm trying to develop extravert tendencies(?). Umm, coming out and not staying in my shell. I'm usually a very very quiet person and a very introverted person. A quiet friendless person. So I think it could be said trying to develop and discover another side of me. I also blog and read others in hopes that we can encourage and root each other on, support. Make sense?

I hope this next week goes better for you than this one. :) Chamomile tea sound good!

South Beach Steve said...

Sorry to hear of all the troubles lately, but just think, at least they gave you some non-planned exercise.

I hope this upcoming week is outstanding for you. You can do it!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

I want to see pictures of the baby goats!

As far as the conference, I'm all about recipes, so I guess that would interest me. I love real life experiences too, quite motivating!!

Stay postitive!

Vee and the Kid said...

Twix: I think you're definitely making progress on reaching out. After all, WE talk, right?

Steve: Thanks for the rah-rah. It helps.

Debbi: I'll have 3 sets of goat-babies born between March and June (unsure when) so believe me, I'll take pictures when they come. You just gotta keep coming back! [sly grin]. About the recipes, I do my weekly recipe but people like TJ do almost daily recipes and pics of food. I'm not much of a photographer, although I do like experimenting with ingredients.

Thanks for the input, all! Vee

The Fat Mom said...

It must be in the air for everything to fall apart this week. It's been a common occurance between blogs. Keep your head up, this is a new week!

A weight loss blog support group sounds interesting! So many people have issues with weight and can relate.

Salina Lyn said...

Hang in there...and smile. :)

Cammy said...

Some times are more trying than others, that's for certain. Hang in there.

I haven't been to a health and fitness blog conference yet, but I'd think that anything along the topical lines of 'life management' would be something I'd be interested in discussing.

Karen said...

Okay, at least it was not a bust of a week like mine:) That conference sounds interesting. Honestly, I'd want to learn more of the technical blog stuff.

Rettakat said...

The conference sounds like a great opportunity.

For me, all the misc stuff is interesting occasionally, but there is one kind of blog I do NOT visit repeatedly: one that focuses mainly on food and what they ate, and has lots of food pics (funny for me to say.. I just posted food pics!)

I believe for our success to be permanent, the change must come from the INSIDE out. So I tend to gravitate to blogs that deal with the mental/emotional aspects of this journey... ones that I find encouraging, motivating, inspiring, or that I learn from

Oh, and ones with pics of baby goats. ;-)


Pippa said...

Whoah, rough week, Vee! You're through it now ... may this coming week be SO much better!