Bad start of the week

Weekend was actually kinda ok. Family didn't fight nearly as much, although I couldn't find time to exercycle (not with all of the farm chores we have). Last night, before Hubby left for the week, we got a couple of wheelbarrows of hay to move closer to the goat pen. One of them fell on me. Within moments, I was itching, broke out in a rash, hearing in right ear closed off even more, sneezing, itchy red eyes, the whole nine yards.

Okay, so now I know the source of my ear being clogged up is an allergy to alfalfa (hay). Great. Gonna find other OTC allergy meds to try.

Left arm still hurts. Doc's office said to try ibuprofen and resting it. Yeah, like I can avoid farm chores.

Son's symptoms have me concerned. Have a doc appt in a couple of weeks. Have had several diagnoses over the years: ADD, ADHD, autistic, tourette's syndrome and lots of others. I don't want to medicate him but I do want some of the ticks and other things to stop, or at least lessen. It's a good thing we school at home. He'd never make it at regular school.

So... I ate too much last night. Just a string cheese, a spoonful of peanut butter and a tablespoon of chocolate chips, but still... I turned away after the hay incident, but around 9 p.m. I couldn't resist any longer.

Not good.

I want a cheeseburger. With a buttered yeast roll, lots of mayo, piled high with swiss cheese and avocado and onion.

Side of curly fries, dipped in mayo mixed with ketchup.

Big pan of fudgy brownies.


I gotta go milk the goat. Then, because I'm tired, I'm gonna go to bed and watch TV. I might have dinner, and I might not. I'm just not feelin' the healthy thing.

No exercycle again today.

Double Sigh.


Cammy said...

It looks like the uncertainties and concerns you have with your son are triggers for you, doesn't it? (It would certainly have that affect on me!) I hope you find his answers soon...

Carly said...

I hope you get some answers soon for your son. You are doing so great! That ticker is just flying down.

Deb Willbefree said...

Okay, then. It's llpm and now I've got cravings for, well, all of those things you listed. Great... Deb

Vee said...

Wow Vee I hope you feel better.:) Allergies are no fun at all. I am praying that mine will stay under control this year.

Vee said...

Thanks everybody. Sorry, Deb. I did eat last night. Taco quiche, avocado, peanut butter and choc chips. I gained 2 pounds last night. I'm so not happy. I can't believe after all of this work to lose 86 pounds, I STILL haven't figured out a better way to deal with stress. Argh. Vee