Update from yesterday's pain-fog

Today's BP-Pulse: 132/79-62

= = = =

I couldn't do it yesterday. Being in so much pain from my gashed nose and mild concussion and humongoid headache and nose-cartledge-ache...

Oh, I started out ok. Low carb protein drink for breakfast. But the pain kept getting worse and worse. Couldn't even ice it down because our fridge started to die.

Don't ask.

Nope. I wanted comfort food.

So I got out some brown rice, a can of evaporated milk and a can of condensed milk, threw it all in the crockpot and made rice pudding. Or tried to. I intended to eat the whole damn thing but I must have forgotten how to make my favorite go-to comfort food because it was horrible and too sweet and crunchy! I **did** calculate calories and so forth, and even tallied them, and if I HAD eaten the whole thing, the rice pudding alone put me above carbs, fat and calories... enough for 2 days! As it was, I only ate about 1/3 of a cup. The rest went down the disposal... I wouldn't even give it to the chickens!


Lost my taste for my beautiful delicious homemade rice pudding. Good, right?

So Hubby came home from work with take-out from a mediterranean place: Garbanzo's. He got for me: hummus, falafel, cucumber/tomato vegetable salad, steak shwarma, and pita bread. All was gluten-free except for the pita, which, yes, I did eat. I still wanted comfort food, but I wasn't going overboard. And it was delicious!



Unfortunately it made my bp a tad high this morning. Should be back down tomorrow.

= = = =

I'm not gonna weigh today although I do usually weigh on Thursday. I'm afraid of what the scale will say. I'll weigh in on Saturday as usual. And still can't exercise because of the pain, dizziness and so forth, so I'm sure I've gained back some of my loss.

But ... I'm doing better today. Eating-wise. Not pain-wise.

I INTEND to be as back to normal as possible with chores and exercising tomorrow. AND I'll start up that low-carb thing on Saturday.

= = = =

Meanwhile, I'm working on a new cookbook and it's sooo exciting! It hit me as I after I awoke this morning at 2:43 and couldn't get back to sleep. And will be a great teaching experience for my Kid; will help earn his home ec high school credit. Killing lots of birds with one stone!

See the little paragraph at the right of this screen? This is what I'm asking for:

MENU IDEAS WANTED! I'm starting a new cookbook and need menu ideas for quick easy-to-make meals that transport well. Kinda "brown-bagging" or "lunchbox" cookbook... for work, school, or picnics. You e-mail me the menu ideas, and I'll create the recipes and tally carbs, protein, etc. Send to: vikki_kids (at) yahoo (dot) com as soon as possible! Thanks... Vee / Sept 2 2010


You can post your menu ideas here as a comment to this posting. Each menu should include protein, veggie, fruit and starch (if not low-carb). There will be menus for (1) gluten-free (2) lactose-free (3) low-carb (4) cold (5) microwaving (6) breakfast and (7) kid-easy to make. Help!

= = = = =

Okay, since I've been up for a while, I'm gonna go back to sleep for an hour, just until it's time to milk the goat.


TJ said...

I had to catch up- I am behind on reading! You sure we are not related? lol My nick name is booboo and I am a klutz! Awww Vee, so sorry you had an accident- hope you feel better soon! That take out dindin sounded so good! YUM!

The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

I am sooooo sorry about your face. Sheesh. If it makes you feel any better, when my son was 2 he tossed a sippy cup at me and busted my lip and my nose turned purple. Then 2 days ago, the tossed a spool of thread at me and it hit my cheek bone. I saw stars... and there is a tiny bruise. But NOTHING like you, slugger. ;)
And my favorite low carb fixation? (totally too lazy to figure out the protein and carb count, but it's under 5 carbs) is hamburger with shredded taco cheese (the spicy kind) and taco sauce. (It's 2 carbs a tablespoon.) YUMMY!!!!!!

Twix said...

That dinner he brought you, oh my gosh... that's yummy!

And the cookbook is a good idea!

My kids cook, just about everything. So I thought I would list a few simple ones that they like to put together, quick, easy, & simple.

Lunch Stuff-

Tomato Soup & Pepperoni with garlic bread - no name

Potato Soup Mountain
1 can cream of something soup or chicken noodle and a small mound mashed potatoes (instant) in the middle of the bowl

Polish Sausage chopped into Mac & Cheese

Polish Sausage chopped into saurkraut and served on toast or rye

French Toast Pizza
french loaf bread divided in half
top with sauce and pizza toppings

Celery Boats
celery with PB & raisons or other fruit

just tomatoes - no i'm serious! weird kids, lol but they love maters!!

Cantaloupe Salad - lettuce salad with cantaloupe balls

Cheese Crisps
little shredded cheese, fresh maters and a wrap
make it a burrito with smashed or refried beans

and a Fall fave Chili & Rice

Not sure if this is what you were looking for. And I can probably come up with more. I turned them loose in the kitchen when they were 10. And well they can come up with some interesting concoctions!! What I really like is that I now see them checking out cookbooks from the library for more ideas.

The oldest, 17, helped me come up with a vegetarian spaghetti. Sometimes we also add in ground turkey. The noodles are from spaghetti squash. And my garden & backyard is currently being taken over by SQUASH!!! hee

Have fun in the kitchen!!! :D