I lost all over!

I weighed today AND took measurements, and believe me, I'm still in shock!

Thursday: 222.0
Today: 219.0
LOSS: 3 pounds!

Wow. Yeah, it could have been the bloating thing, now gone, or it could have been a very busy weekend and Monday. Then... it was measurements-time. Just as a refresher, I originally started this getting-healthy thing on 1/26/09 at 299 lbs, and took my measurements (some of them) for the first time on 2/22/09. I stopped everything on 10/07/09 for various reasons and started back up on 6/29/10. Ok.. here they are!

Measurements and Weight:

1/26/09: 299.0 lbs
6/26/10: 264.6 lbs
7/20/10: 247.0 lbs
8/18/10: 237.2 lbs
9/21/10: 219.0 lbs Total Loss of 80 pounds

Under Breasts at Chest:
2/22/09: 44.5"
6/29/10: 43.75"
7/20/10: 41.5"
8/18/10: 41.25"
9/21/10: 39.0" Total Loss of 5.5 inches

Rite Upper Arm:
2/22/09: 18.25"
6/29/10: 18.0"
7/20/10: 17.5"
8/18/10: 17.5"
9/21/10: 15.25" Total Loss of 3.0 inches

Rite Upper Thigh:
2/22/09: 29"
6/29/10: 27.75"
7/20/10: 25.5"
8/18/10: 25.0"
9/21/10: 24.0" Total Loss of 5.0 inches

Hips/Stomach Just Below BellyButton:
2/22/09: 58"
6/29/10: 56.5"
7/20/10: 53.25"
8/18/10: 51.5"
9/21/10: 48.5" Total Loss of 9.5 inches

Then, last month, I started measuring a few other parts of me:

Waist, 1" above belly button:
8/18/10: 44"
9/21/10: 41.25" Total Loss of 2.75 inches

8/18/10: 15.75"
9/21/10: 15.50" Total Loss of .25 inch

Forearm, Left:
8/18/10: 12.25"
9/21/10: 11.50" Total Loss of .75 inch

I see these numbers here, in black and white, and I still can't believe it. I look in the mirror, and think ... are those my legs? Still ... I had my son take my pic this morning.

Sorry. Not a great pic, and since I had just thrown on clothes and hadn't touched my hair, I had to crop off my head.

But still.

In shock.


TJ said...

Great job Vee! You are so so well! :) WHOOHOOO!

kristi said...

Woo hoo!! I also had a 3 lb loss as of this morning. I have gone down from a DD to a D in my bra, I am almost the same chest size as my 14 year old.

Jovia said...

Good for you, it's very motivating to see cold hard numbers like that. Keep it up!

Vee said...

Hi Tj. Thanks for the woohoo!

Kristi: Yeah for us! Bad for the chest tho... yep, not a double d any more. Bummer.

Jovia: Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I measure once a month (or try to) and boy, I'm still on cloud 9!


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

You're disappearing before our very eyes!

Vee said...

Getting there, Jack. Getting there! Vee

Twix said...

ALRIGHT!! High FIVE!!!!! Way to go!!! Awesome news!!!! :D

Cammy said...

These are amazing results, Vee! I'm so happy for you!

Vee said...

Wow! You are doing great! Very inspiring!

Vee said...

Thanks Twix, Cammy and Vee (not me, another one!). Here's to great weigh-ins for everyone! Vee

Yum Yucky said...

woohoo! celebration dance in your honor. Do you prefer ball room or hip hop moves?

Vee said...

Yum: Surprise me! Boogie down! Vee

Karla said...

woo hoo!!! go Vee go!! You are rocking it girl!!

Lori said...

Bravo! That is awesome!