Health Check: Blood Pressure

When you're overweight, or even underweight, you really need to keep a close eye on your blood pressure. I had high numbers for a really long time before I started taking meds. Was on them for years. When I reached 299 pounds, even on the meds, my pressure was high.

Then I started eating healthy. Watched my sodium intake (trying for no more than 2300 mg per day). Started exercising. My weight started dropping, so, with the supervision of my doctor, I stopped taking the meds. I bought a bp monitor and took a reading every day, e-mailing the numbers to the doc's office. After a few weeks, he said he didn't need to see the numbers any more. Just to let him know if it gets high again.

As of today, I've been off my blood pressure meds for 38 days! And my bp readings are still good.

Please get your bp checked daily. Do you pass a pharmacy every day? Stop in. It takes only a few minutes. Too embarrassed? No pharmacy nearby? Or Wal-Mart? So buy a blood pressure monitor that also takes your pulse, and probably the extra-large cuff (I did/do). The monitor costs around $35-$45 but is definitely worth it.

Would you rather spend $35 on a binge OR spend the $35 to prevent a possible stroke?

Your choice.


Twix said...

I'm glad that your stressing this. It's so important to keep in eye on your numbers, the salt and the blood pressure. And with so many things laden with salt, for many people, it's not easy to lower that sodium content. Like the lowfat craze, back in the day, perhaps we all should revolt and demand lower sodium foods.

I eat lots of fruits and veggies. But I don't make my own bread or crackers or nut butters or some of the other food I eat. I've had to resort going to a health food store to find lower sodium stuff. It's a priviledge to do this.

I feel bad watching some not having a much of a choice but trying their best.

The politicians wanting to pass extra tax on the food stuff we buy, is wrong. They should tax the manufactures.

Fortunately I've had pretty normal blood pressure. We all should get it checked often! :D

Vee said...

Twix: You're right ... the manufacturers of junk food should pay high taxes, which of course, they'll pass along to the consumer. Then maybe we'll be able to afford fresh fruits and veggies instead of snack cakes! Vee

Cammy said...

I've been on bp meds for years, and even though it's borderline high now (probably more related to heredity than anything else), I still haven't come off the meds. I'm on the lowest dose possible, and I'm hopeful with the next check-up, I'll come off them completely.