Day 64 Tue - My Changing Body

I thought I was beginning to get used to being inside this constantly changing body. One that doesn't quite waddle anymore. One that doesn't use as much room to walk through a doorway or sit on a chair.

And yet... walking to my closet to get out the blood pressure monitor this morning, I totally missed a step, stumbled, and stubbed and broke my toe.

The left pinky toe. The one I've broken every other year in the last 5 years. In the alternating years, I seem to break the right one.


Ok, so I know I'm a clutz. Always have been. But alternating broken toes?

Yep, I digressed. I was talking about being inside this body. This body that doesn't sweat at the mere thought of exercise... it waits until I've actually exercised! It doesn't heave in deep breaths when walking up and down our stairs to do laundry. It doesn't crave a cheeseburger or pizza or cannoli NEARLY as often as it used to. My thighs don't rub as much as they used to.

What have YOU noticed different about your body lately?

= = = =
Time to Ramble about my day:

Up early to pack Hubby's b-fast and lunch, and mom-in-law's cooler (this week she got: italian homemade goat cheese, doz eggs, oat banana muffins and a yellow summer squash). Stayed up to take bp (118/81, pulse 68), exercise and do a few household things. Got Kid up, weighed: 230.6, a loss of only .2 pounds since Saturday. Oh well. Maybe it's bloating?!?!

Honestly? I didn't want to post the weight. I've worked sooo hard, and the fact that I only lost .2 of a pound really pissed me off. Look at the calories I burned during the weekend! I ate pretty healthy, too, although I'm slowing down on the fruit. I got my veggies and fruit and protein and dairy and starch. I ate just the right amount of calories: not too many and not too few. (At least, I thought.) I met my 300-calorie-exercycle challenge all weekend as much as I did NOT want to. I hefted tree branches (not little tiny sticks either) and wrestled with a runaway goat and chased chickens.

So I **have** to believe it's bloating.

I **HAVE** to.

Milked the goat, strained, refrigerated, gave the adult chickens a bowlful of whey leftover from last-night's cheese-making, and all the chickens some oldish grapes and cherries.

Breakfast: Mesa Sunrise cereal, vanilla goat milk, frozen blueberries and strawberries

Read some blogs.

Exercycle: burned 150 calories in 14:21 minutes

Helped Kid catch a mouse. Don't get me started.

Lunch: 3 corn tortillas, 1 1/2 pieces swiss cheese, taco meat, 3 tbs sour cream, half a watermelon

Tylenol, nap, ran out to help Kid collect eggs etc because it had started raining (which lasted about 5 minutes only)!

Exercycle: burned 150 calories in 14:24 minutes

Did some computer work. Paid some bills. Read my Kid's schoolwork.

Figured out (hopefully) a plan to eat low carb. Kinda. I have to eat meat, and I've been trying to cut much of that out. It might be a little hard but I made up a "menu" for the week, calculating carbohydrates, fat and calories. Even includes 1 tbs of dark chocolate chips a day. This planning thing was HARD! Plan to start tomorrow because I'm already WAY over a goal of 50 carbs!

Dinner: strawberry protein drink, yogurt with 1 tbs dark chocolate chips, low sodium V8, raspberry tea, and 2 green beans I picked from the garden!

In a little bit, gonna milk the goat, strain, refrigerate, then check on the critters to make sure everyone is safe from our little coyote problem. Then probably dishes, drink some more tea, and do other misc things. Maybe even some reading.

I'm shutting down now. Have a great day, all!

Today's Numbers:
BP-Pulse: 118/81-68
Carbs: 145.9
Fat: 54.9
Calories eaten: 1323.0
Calories burned from exercycle: 300
Total calories burned today: 3634


Cammy said...

I haven't broken any toes (that I know of), but once I stub one, it seems like I manage to stub that same exact one over and over for a while after.

Twix said...

You've met your challenge! And that's a BIG DEAL!! HIGH FIVE to ya!! :D

And I like the sound of chocolate chips and yogurt, yummmm!