Day 63 Mon - Marbles in my Knees

Marbles in my knees. That's exactly what it sounds like when I'm exercycling. No TV. No fan. Nothing to hide the noise this time. As I exercycled while reading a book, I kept hearing a creaking. More than what I hear when I walk through the house. I listened closer. Even put the book down. Stopped cycling for a moment and it stopped. Started back and I realized... my knees, especially the right, are creaking so badly it sounds like a bunch of marbles hitting together.


I'm old. I've been very fat. My body is sooo messed up. But as long as I can at least kinda get around, I'm NOT having surgery.

Besides, marbles in the knee couldn't be TOO bad. Right?

= = = =

Up early. Packed Hubby's breakfast and lunch. Back to bed because still cramping with headache. Computer on, and I finally got around to typing into my spreadsheet my intake and output for yesterday, and blogged it.

Today's bp: (day 7 without bp meds): 128/75, pulse 67

Started today's spreadsheet and went back to bed. Have I ever mentioned that I have bouts of depression? I used to sleep a LOT. Oh, and eat. Nowadays I don't have time to sleep much and actually don't want to eat. But I'll make myself eat at least SOMETHING today. So ... back to bed until 7:40 but couldn't sleep so I read a book then up to start my day. Went to get the goat and saw coyote tracks all around our chicken pens. All of our poultry are accounted for. Whew. Milked the goat, strained, made vanilla goat drinking milk.

The Kid gathered a few things for us to list on e-bay, ate ...

Breakfast: yogurt

...then we went into town. Thought it would be good for us to spend some quality alone time while we ran other errands. Came home, unloaded, cramps just too much and wanted to lay down but too much to do. Started some stuff in the double crockpot: side 1 got ground turkey and ground beef to make tonight's dinner: spaghetti sauce, and side 2 got a package of sausage and half pound of bacon (for quick meals later).

Snack: another yogurt with 1 tbs dark chocolate chips

Not hungry. Cleaned out the fridge and freezer (literally, cleaned, NOT ate). Then went out to collect eggs and noticed one of the tarps was flapping almost completely loose. Took the Kid and me almost 2 hours to fix the chicken pens. Then did some work, talked with my friend Suz and my sister Kel (both about who gets my Kid if something happens to me: first sis, then Suz) then...

Snack: 1/2 watermelon, 1/2 cup macadamia nuts

Took the watermelon rind out to chickens. Made Kid's dinner.

Exercycle: burned 300 calories in 31:14 minutes

Hubby almost home. Gonna milk the goat, strain, make cheese, make banana-oat muffins for Hubby and his mom.

Dinner: spaghetti sauce, 2 corn tortillas, mozz cheese, V-8

Then will tidy up, check on our critters and hit the hay. Still cramping. Going to bed afterwards.

Today's Numbers:
Day 7 with no BP meds: BP: 128/75, Pulse 67
Carbs: 92
Fat: 84.3
Calories Eaten: 1402.5
Calories Burned on Exercycle: 300
Calories Burned total today: 5242

I'll try to read blogs tomorrow.


Cammy said...

Not that it's any of my business, but I'm wondering if a doctor's visit in order?

Feel better soon!

Vee said...

Cammy: for the knees? it's not so bad that I can't get around. Maybe once I reach my goal weight. That costs money and I can still get around ok. Vee