DAy 62 Sun - wish it had gone better

Sorry about yesterday. Was a day full of arguments and farm work and pain.

Up early, awaking with headache. Exercycle: 100 cal in 9:44 minutes. BP 128/81, pulse 87. I know... bad day for bp. Didn't turn on computer so didn't e-mail the readings to doc.

Everybody woke up grumpy, and it just escalated. Thankfully we have family counseling towards the end of Sept because I do NOT like this stress!

Milked the goat, strained, refrigerated. Fed/watered/hayed the critters.

Breakfast: Mesa Sunrise cereal, goat milk, frozen berries

Then made 3 trips to pick up pine boughs (goat snacks!) and firewood, plus misc. The lifting, moving, carrying, tossing ... burned a huge amount of calories. Had a snack after first trip:

Snack: 1 spoonful peanut butter, 1 banana split gogurt

After second trip, lunch:

Lunch: 3 tbsp artichoke hummus, 2 tbs tahini, 10 black sesame rice crackers

Third trip. Brought it back, then went into town to the library, home depot and wally world. Home. By now I was cramping. And (sorry guys!) since I haven't had a period since Feb or Mar, it ain't that. Probably. As of Monday morning, I still don't know. Laid down for a while, then milked the goat amidst a major argument, the 99th of the day (probably NOT an exaggeration), strained, refrigerated, watered the chickens and gave the adults some whey. In, snack...

Snack: 1 tbsp dark choc chips

... because I felt like it! I didn't want any dinner. Just chocolate and drinks, so I did. When Hubby went for a walk, I exercycled.

Exercycle: 115 calories in 12:30 minutes

Just couldn't do any more. Felt weak and in pain. Sorry, Scuttle, but I just couldn't exercycle any more.

Snack: 1 yogurt

Day is done. Today will be better. NO MATTER HOW I FEEL.

Sunday's Numbers:
BP-Pulse: 128/81-87
Carbs: 117.1
Fat: 63.7
Calories eaten: 1243.2
Calories burned by exercycling: 215
Calories burned for whole day: 5532


Scuttleboose said...

I hope that today is a better day for you! :) Don't feel guilty about the challenge - think of how many days you have worked to accomplish your goal! Wo-hoo!! :)

Cammy said...

Here's hoping you have a better today!

Vee said...

Scuttle and Cammy: I stuck with it, and even tho I still have a headache, I eating right and exercising. The headaches have been with me for a long time, am on meds, and are a fact of life for me.