Day 61 Sat - Busy Farm Day

Usually I start my blog entry early in the morning and just add to it during the day. Today was way too busy for that ... here it is at 8 p.m. and I'm just starting. Hopefully I can remember what I did....

First, last night I exercycled another 70 calories after I posted my blog entry. My headache got worse so I checked my bp and it was still low. Hmmm... guess that's NOT what's causing my headaches but of course I've had headaches several times a week for years. Sometimes dibilitating.

Anyway, up early this morning because I was having troubles sleeping.

Exercycle: 100 calores in 11 minutes. Then rested. Then...

Day 5 without meds: BP: 119/80-85

E-mailed that to the doctor then exercycled again: 100 calories in 11:34 minutes.

Then it was time to get Hubby up to help me milk the goat. Milked, strained, refrigerated.

Breakfast: Mesa Sunrise cereal, goat milk, frozen fruit

Weighed: 230.8 ... a loss of exactly 2 pounds! Woo-hoo!

Then we spent a solid 2 1/2 hours doing farm work: moving the goats around, setting things up, feeding, watering, gardening, weeding, etc. ALL with a monster headache. And the temp being in the high 90's.

Lunch: 2 scrambled eggs with mozzarella cheese, gf raisin/cinnamon bagel with cream cheese, strawberries, lots of decaf tea

Then my headache got too bad for me to continue so I took 2 migraprofen and 2 ibuprofen and lay on the couch while we all watched "Call of the Wild" in 3D. I didn't wear the glasses, just kinda keeping my eyes closed until I dropped off and took a little nappy-poo.

Then another solid 2 hours or so... moved a really big chicken house out of one pen and against our house (that will be the new residence of silkie chickens ... later!), then mucked out that chicken pen and set up new housing for them. Believe me... mucking out is NOT fun! And very hard to do with hands that don't work well. But a necessary evil for healthy chickens and tasty eggs.

Cleaned up, milked the goat, strained, refrigerated, and did some more with the new chicken set up. Came in just now for dinner, and I realize I still have another 100 calories to work off on the exercycle.

Dinner: strawberry/banana yogurt, 1 tbsp dark chocolate chips, peanut butter, rice crackers, low sodium v8

Exercycle: 100 calories in 11 minutes

Took so long because I'm so f*&&%$ tired!!! Gonna get in the shower, get this chicken cr** off me, and hit the hay. I'll catch up on blog reading on Monday. Sorry ... weekends are just way too busy!

Today's Numbers:
Carbs: 146.4
Fat: 80.9
Calories Eaten: 1609.7
Calories Burned by Exercycle: 200
Calories Burned Total for the Day: 5727

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