Day 46 Fri Legs Swollen from Bites

Breakfast: 1 blueberry yogurt and half tablespoon dark chocolate chips. Hmmmm.

Lunch: Oikos strawberry greek yogurt (felt like a yogurt day!), 1 1/2 cups fresh raspberries, 11 red cherries, 2 Tbs peanut butter, 9 rice crackers

Dinner: 9 pieces sashimi (mostly california rolls ... NO soy sauce but a little wasabi), 1/2 cup neighbor's homemade goat berry-kefir

Calories burned by Exercycle: 193

Today's Numbers:
Carbs: 169.3
Fat: 58.6
Calories: 1410.0

I wouldn't have believed it but after getting so many mosquito bites over the last few days, my legs have swollen. I have about 50 bites on my legs alone, and I'm assuming with that much "poison" my body is saying "heck no"! I'm so miserable and itchy and yucky.

So after I milked, strained, refrigerated and ate my yogurt, I called the doctor's office. While waiting for them to get back to me, headed into town (40 minute drive) to the library, grocery store, health food store and hopefully get ideas to help the swelling and the terrible itching. Doc office called back and said switch from benadryl to clariton pills, and from benadryl cream to hydrocortisone cream.

Off to town. Got just about every "itch relief" type product I could find. Mosquito repellent too. Groceries. Library. Home. Put things away. Lunch. Watered the livestock. Collected 3 eggs. Took a claritin clone. Exercycle for 20 minutes (193 calories burned). Worked on my Kid's schoolwork while he read some more Huck Finn then helped me organize his schoolbooks and references.

Milked, strained, pasteurized and added vanilla for drinking. Fed/watered/hayed all livestock. Hubby home (late - flat tire) with sushi (ok, sashimi ... california rolls!) for dinner. Neighbor behind us gave us a quart of berry-kefir and a quart of plain kefir. Ate dinner ... and kefir turned out pretty good.

I'm still itchy, even with the claritin-clone and hydrocortisone 1% cream. STOP IT!!! HELP!!!

Maybe another day worth of claritin-clone.

Anyway... not a bad day for calories. Got all my food groups, but could have had a little more veggies (some in the sashimi). Since I picked a yellow squash, a cucumber, and my first green beans of the year... we're eating great tomorrow!


Cammy said...

Ouch! That sounds miserable!

Isn't an oatmeal bath supposed to be good for itching? I also happened to have this link in my bookmarks:

there are also some tips for preventing mosquito bites. Hope you feel better soon!

Vee said...

I tried the baking soda thing and a few others but they didn't work. Two days of Claritin and two hot showers did, somewhat. Thanks. Bookmarked it for later use. Vee