Day 43 Tue Dessert Today

Walking on air because I'm losing weight again. About time!

Pre-Milking Snack: 1/3 cup homemade goat milk cheese

Breakfast: 6 oz light blueberry yogurt with 1 tsp dark chocolate chips in it (yum!), 1 cup strawberries, 1 cup red cherries

Lunch: 1 boiled egg w/ mustard & mayo, 2 gf cookie-brownies

Dinner: 3 cups garden salad (lettuce with carrots and cabbage), 1 boiled egg, 1 bacon slice, 4 tablespoons thousand island dressing, 1/2 chopped zucchini, 1/4 chopped onion, 1/2 chopped cucumber

Calories Burned by Exercycle: 96

Today's Numbers:
Carbs: 170.1 (ew)
Fat: 74.7 (not too bad)
Calories: 1468.8 (my "high-calorie" day)

I realize I started my day with a high calorie (255) high fat (15) high carb (15) snack but remember that I reminded myself yesterday that my stomach and my IBS can't handle much without milk as a buffer. So... until I can figure out how to make my goat milk cheese lower in those numbers, that's what I'm using. That one I had for breakfast this morning was gooood! Especially with the few chocolate chips in it. Has good numbers. Plus, Tuesday and Saturday are my "high-calorie" days ... around 1500 instead of 1200.

Very happy about my weight number this morning. Anyway... got my Kid up, milked, strained, refrigerated. Fed/watered/hayed the goats and chickens. Gave a snack to the bunny and scratched behind her ears. Breakfast. Worked on my Kid's schoolwork for several hours. Lunch. Read blogs.

Couldn't believe this one blog I came across where she eats a 1-carb bar for breakfast, same for lunch, and jalapeno things for dinner. Same meals for a week. No fruit and almost no veggies. I realize my calorie count is kinda low, but I'm making sure to get my food groups in, and lots of vitamins and minerals in real food. Her's isn't really healthy, is it? I mean, who can live long-term on a diet like that? That's part of why I had some brownie-cookies today ... because I wanted them, and didn't want to feel denied. They were gluten-free, and I didn't eat the whole thing! I put the rest in a tub and will probably have another ONE tomorrow. Who knows?

I digressed. Sorry. After I read some more blogs and checked e-mails, I kinda felt a little lazy. It wasn't the brownie-cookies because I woke up tired today. So I just chilled and did a few small things, like pasteurized some more drinking milk, did a load of dishes, laundry, had a huge mishap with garlic (don't ask) which took over an hour to thoroughly clean up, then I gave up and took a nap. YES, I TOOK A NAP!!

Milked at 6:30, strained, refrigerated, dinner, waited for Hubby to come home but he still hasn't (at his mom's). Weeded the garden and fed the goats/chickens. Now I have dirt all over me, and lots more mosquito bites. I'm exhausted. I'm gonna take a shower and go to bed with a book ("Worst Case" by James Patterson) and the TV going.

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Scuttleboose said...

I think that your meal plan is great, especially if it's working for you. Don't worry about these other people that vow to only eat grasshopper skulls (or whatever) until they hit their goal weight of 89 pounds - they'll just gain it back!
Thanks for reading my blog! :)