Day 32 Fri Allergic to Almonds

Started out tired. I just need to go to bed earlier. Ate my pre-milking breakfast, took arthritis pain meds, supplements, sent the mortgage payment off, and went back to bed for 30 minutes.

Pre-Milking Breakfast: banana, spoonful peanut butter, a few pecans and almonds, tea

After-Milking Breakfast: 1 fried egg

Lunch: leftover turkey (gf) spaghetti, 1/4 brownie (gee, thanks TJ), tea, fresh pear

Snack: almonds and pecans

Uh oh ... throat very itchy. I'm eating to many almonds. Guess I'll stop for a while.

Dinner: grits and eggs, carrots, zucchini

Drinks: decaf instant tea with filtered water and lime juice, and ice water

WHAT I DID: took supplements/ate early (5:30!), paid mortgage, 30 minute back-to-bed-nap, milked the goat (1 quart!!), strained/refrigerated milk, cleaned up, pasteurized milk and added vanilla for Kid for drinking/cereal, fed/watered the chickens and goats, checked on rabbit, collected eggs (only 2), tallied harvest for month, wrote, checked my Kid's social studies test, watered inside garden, lunch, wrote some more, 10 minutes exercises, snack of almonds and pecans and had an allergic reaction to them. Ok, no more for a long while ... just pecans and getting those walnuts out of the chest freezer. Once the itchy throat set in, didn't feel like doing anything, so I put all of my work away, and chilled (in this heat?) until Hubby got home from work. Dinner. Collected eggs (3 more!). Milked goat (1 quart - yahoo!). Torrential downpour flooded the goat pen only minutes after we returned the goat. Hope all of our critters are safe and dry. Discovered leak in a bedroom window. Bed early because I was absolutely miserable.

Didn't exercise much. Not even a lot of chores done. I'm sure it will reflect in my weigh-in today.

I'll procrastinate then weigh and post in a little while. Still don't feel great, and have to milk the goat and do critter care soon.

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