Day 30 Wed Making Ricotta Cheese

Up early to check on the chicken that bit me the night before. Alive. Whew! But my arm is bruised. Argh.

Breakfast (before milking): pecans, water, 1 scrambled home-laid egg with swiss cheese and Mrs. Dash

Lunch: red cherries, smoothie (blueberries, hemp, banana and homemade goat milk yogurt), pecans, almonds

Dinner: 1 1/3 corn tortilla with my just-made homemade goat ricotta cheese, 1 bratwurst, spicy brown mustard (pic to right), V-8

What I did (not in chron order): milked goat (twice), watered my garden, checked for eggs 3 times (ah, come on girls!), 2 loads of laundry (means several trips up and down our stairs), cleaned kitchen, weeded, made goat yogurt, washed blueberries and froze them for future smoothies, froze bananas in baggies, made goat ricotta cheese (unbelievably delicious), cooked bratwurst for dinner, wrestled with the goats and chickens, 10 minutes exercycle, researched nubian goats, researched if chickens will eat gelatin (still no clue), and 10 minutes exercises.

Not much left of fresh fruit season. Gonna miss the cherries, apricots, blueberries, etc. When it's gone, I guess Fall and Winter will be about pears, apples, bananas, and frozen/dehydrated fruits. Oh well. I'll enjoy the fresh fruit now and think about all that later.

Or ... hmmm... plant some strawberries in a windowbox in my upstairs bedroom. Or some wonderberries! Ok! Just as soon as I get caught up on chores. Argh.

Anyway, the day started off tired. Could have been the chicken bite or just not enough sleep. Read "the 4-day diet" by Ian K. Smith and gotta tell you ... not worth the money. Unless I'm really misunderstanding, it's basically the same diet the first 4 days as the second 4 days and so on. Minor adjustments but just didn't see how it would help me. Better to stick with making healthy choices, lots of fiber, keep sugars early in the day (fruit, not sweets!), more protein than carbs, eat regularly and satisfy the palate/boredom factor. Seems to be working.

Oh yeah, and exercise. I've tried this before without the exercise and believe me, it doesn't work. No matter what weight loss plan you go on, you HAVE to exercise. Even if it's just wiggling your legs when you're watching the boob tube... at least, you're moving.

Maybe I should do a youtube of how to exercise while lazing around. I'm quite good at that!

Today is weigh-in day. I'll post it in a little while.

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