Day 29 Tue Food and some really big shorts

Thrilled that my weigh-in showed me getting back on track. Felt good! Total lost: 55.2 pounds, with 65.8 pounds to go (goal: 178 lbs).

Pre-goat-milking snack: almonds

Breakfast: homemade goat yogurt, blueberries

Lunch: red cherries, pecans, almonds, bowl of rice chex cereal with goat milk and banana

Snack: pecans

Dinner: homemade hummus (chickpeas, tahini, lime juice, garlic, onion), tomato/cucumber salad, corn chips

Exercise: Besides chores, gardening, etc.... 10 minutes exercycle, 10 minutes exercises

I found a box of summer clothes the other day, untouched from when they were packed for our house-sale last summer. I'm sitting here, typing this, in red shorts that I haven't worn since last summer. They are size 4x. Today, they look like a big red burlap sack on me... THAT''s how much weight I've lost! I'll try to get Hubby to take my pic in them soon.

Feels good. Having clothes that are too big. Hasn't happened in a very long time. Every time I see the scale drop even a couple of ounces from the last weigh-in, or have my shorts nearly fall down or walk without panting for breath ... I remember that I am very capable of doing this. And if **I** can, YOU CAN!

Because I really like to eat!

Can't wait until I can fix my favorite lasagna dish, or a BLT with tomatoes and lettuce from our garden, bacon from the pig our neighbor slaughtered, and bread I made myself.

Maybe I should make this my goal for reaching 199 pounds?!?!


kristi said...

All that fruit sounds yummy! I am not much on yogurt, but I do low carb anyways.

Vee said...

I try to do low carb but not very successful. Can't eat hummus without something to dip! At least my corn chips were gluten-free as opposed to pita bread.

I do love fruit! Getting my fill now while in season because this fall and winter, it's gonna be pears and apples and lots of dried or frozen fruit.

Thanks for visiting, Krisi.